Kraft Mac & Cheese has long been thought of as a classic meal for college students: it’s quick, cheap and takes little skill to perfect. However, the packet of orange powdered cheese is undergoing a alluring change. Both the American and Canadian brands will no longer contain artificial preservatives nor synthetic colours by the end of 2016. As with several other companies, Kraft is jumping on the health trend that strives to shy away from words like “chemical” and “artificial”. Hence, the cheese’s orange colour will come from natural foods such as paprika, annatto and tumeric.

If Kraft uses the right marketing techniques (which I’m sure they will), we can be sure to see an upsurge of Mac & Cheese sales since they will contain “simpler ingredients” and “healthy choices”. Nevertheless, are the amounts of paprika, annatto and tumeric put into this box negligible or can they be considered a healthy addition to this delicious pasta meal? Kraft is still working out the recipe to make sure they attain the same great taste of the original cheese mix. However, I am not convinced that this recipe change will be sufficient to classify Kraft Mac & Cheese as “healthy”. Think about what goes into making a heavenly bowl of Mac & Cheese. After mixing in butter and milk, maybe add some hot dogs? Beef? Bacon? Lobster?

Indeed Kraft is trying to adapt to the needs of this worried and health-conscious society, for which I don’t blame them. However, by replacing synthetic colours and artificial preservatives for a few spices that may or may not have health benefits, seems like more of a marketing technique than a general concern for the health and well-being of consumers.