Don’t feel like reading? Watch Dr. Joe Schwartz, Dr. Timothy Caulfied and Dr. Yoni Freedof on CBC’s Fifth Estate where they discuss the Wheat Belly diet

If I hear another person say they’re going “gluten-free” I am going to scream.

How and why are people claiming gluten is the enemy of their digestive tract?

Perhaps this craze stemmed from Dr. William Davis’s book, Wheat Belly. He makes unchallenged preposterous claims like wheat alone has killed more people than all wars combined and today’s wheat is nothing like the wheat of 40 years ago due to years of experimental genetic modification by agricultural scientists.

However, researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have been studying wheat for over a hundred years and found no such thing. This crazy, indigestible Frankenwheat does not exist.

Nevertheless, Dr. William Davis has been featured on countless talk shows including Dr. Oz where he says that if you lose the wheat, you can lose the weight.

Companies are marketing their products as “gluten-free” and many restaurants now feature gluten-free items on their menus. Let’s not forget this anti-gluten revolution is a multi-billion dollar battle. Aside from the fact that the vast majority of scientists and medical organisations including the Canadian Celiac Association will not endorse a gluten-free diet, people are still opting to go gluten-free. Why? We love to ignore unsexy science and listen to celebrities.

Dr. Timothy Caulfied wrote a fantastic book, Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything? in which he challenges and debunks the claims of celebrities.

So, before you pass on that delicious bowl of spaghetti or cream cheese bagel, get your facts straight.

For more, watch Jimmy Kimmel join in on the anti-gluten fun: