Can technology actually make you fit?


The new rage with apps and wearable technology such as MyFitnessPal, FitBit, Pacer and even Period Tracker Lite is changing the way people see their health. These apps give consumers the ability to track their weight, food and calorie intake, workouts, heart rate, blood pressure etc. at any given moment. Sounds great, right? The question becomes: are they of any real benefit to people who are already healthy? If healthy people are already eating well and exercising then why do they need a fitness app?

Personally, I wear Jawbone and use the app UP to synchronize my sleep patterns, diet, daily step count, workouts and weight. Jawbone, like FitBit, uses motion sensors to track physical activity. Studies have proven their accuracy, however there is no evidence supporting these devices as a means of improving health outcomes, nor harming consumers. Remember, out generation is health obsessed and constantly worrying about anything and everything. Who…

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