The story so far

2001: A medical marijuana access program was created for severely ill people.

2014: Doctors can authorize medical marijuana for any health problem. Marijuana is acquired through select licensed commercial producers.

Some things to consider

The current policy does not prevent users from accessing marijuana and many find themselves with criminal records for possession of small amounts. However, if legalized, who should produce and sell it and where can it be consumed? What should the tolerance be with regards to driving? THC is not necessarily absorbed in the same way for everyone so determining a tolerance level above 0 becomes complicated.

Is medical marijuana safe and beneficial?

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found there to be advantages to medical marijuana use (even smoking it) for the treatment of chronic pain and muscle spasms.

Additionally, if we want to go on about the opiod painkiller and heroine epidemic, then medical marijuana may present a safe alternative to chronic pain management.

OK, but what about for recreational use?

Justin Trudeau says he “will legalize, regulate, and restrict access to marijuana”, but we’ll see how well he meets the expectations of himself and the nation.

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