An entertaining article published by CNN spoke to the apparently numerous impacts of left-handedness on one’s health. The writers made claims related to increase in stress during pregnancy, poorer school performance, mental health problems, sleep problems and even breast cancer risk. Matt Shipman wrote a piece on Health News Review attacking the CNN article, calling it “pointless”.

He argues that the article is full of anecdotes and lacking information. He could not be more right. Take a quick look at the piece and you’ll see it jumps from reporting an increased risk of PTSD to falsifying the notion that left-handers are more likely to drink heavily. The article reports these 20 impacts as if they are common beliefs.

Even more annoyingly, the article ends by saying that handedness probably doesn’t even matter when it comes to health. Well then why write an article entitled “20 ways being left-handed impacts your health”? Here’s the kicker: the article was originally published on with a less jarring title.

Is this misrepresentation? False advertising? Risk communication? Or, perhaps I am over-reacting to a simply innocuous and entertaining CNN headline.