There is some evidence to suggest that the Ebola virus can be transmitted sexually even after you’ve tested negative for the virus. Several parts of the body including the eyes, brain, placenta in pregnant women and the testes in men are immune to Ebola. However, once the virus invades these body parts, it usually takes longer to get rid of it.

“Certain parts of the body, including the testes in men and the placenta in pregnant women, are protected from the immune system and may harbor viruses even after blood tests turn negative.” – Donald G. McNeil Jr, The New York Times

It is not believed that female survivors can infect others through sex. However, public health officials recommend protected sex for at least 6 months after recovery and possibly indefinitely. More data is needed to develop a sufficient sexual practice recommendation.

Recovering from Ebola may lead to other problems, specifically erectile dysfunction. Several cases of impotence among men have been reported and are thought to be due to the Ebola virus.

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