With widening waistlines comes…tighter suits?

Throughout the Renaissance, tight-fitting clothing was seen as criminal and sexually promiscuous while loser clothing signified high-rank and superiority.

Nowadays, that’s not the case. Turn on the TV or take a stroll downtown and you’ll find men in button-busting suits. But why not wear spandex? A suit says, “I’m powerful, wealthy and I have a six pack”.

“Fitted clothes now signal success, power, and … drumroll… CrossFit.” – Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan, a creative ambassador for Barneys New York, says that academics are, in fact, holding out on this tight-suit craze. He claims it’s because they would never be taken seriously wearing a tight suit, so instead, opt for the easy-fit unpretentious outfits.

I think he makes a good point. Are professors too obsessed with their research and scholarly activities to keep up with the latest fashion trends? They just may be. And probably for good reason.

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