Disclaimer: If you want to have a good Thanksgiving and not be that person who suggests something gross like Tofurky, stop reading here.

An undercover investigation into the supply chain that provides turkeys for Whole Foods revealed a filthy environment full of mutilation, disease and death.

According to the report, the barn was crowded, noxious and littered with feces up to half a foot deep in some areas.

After birth, the chicks’ beak tips are seared off to prevent them from pecking each other to death in crowded conditions.

Some not-so-fun-facts:

  • 240 million turkeys are killed each year.
  • Turkeys are bred to grow unnaturally¬† fast that their legs fail to support their weight.
  • A concoction of chemicals are used throughout the farm to combat ammonia fumes, respiratory problems, bacteria and stress-induced appetite loss.
  • Humane” and “sustainably-raised“, just like “natural” have no true definition.

If these turkeys are “humanely-raised”, I can’t even image the alternative.

Read the full report here.

Watch the YouTube video: Where does the Whole Foods turkey really come from?

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