If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the Coca-Cola ad that has sparked international controversy. 

Some argue the ad falsely depicts the indigenous people of Totontepec, others thinks it’s racist and insulting that white people came to the rescue of the ‘poor’ Mexicans, bringing Coca-Cola bottles with them.

Is it racist?

The ad depicts the indigenous people of Totontepec as “culturally and racially subordinate” says a Mexican activist.

My problem with the ad:

Mexico has surpassed the United States in terms of obesity rates and sugar consumption. More than 70% of adults in Mexico are obese. Mexico has a 1 peso per litre tax on sugary drinks aimed at reducing consumption – and it’s working.

Culture and race aside, a Coca-Cola ad intended to attract people from the most obese country in the world is unjust.

The ad has since been removed from Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel.

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