Stanford researcher, Daniel Casasanto, published a paper outlining the perception differences between right and left-handed people.

Experiment 1

Participants were given a piece of paper with 2 empty boxes: one on the left and one on the right. They were told to draw a good animal in the box that represents good things and a bad animal in the box that represents bad things.

Lefties overwhelmingly drew the ‘good’ animal in the left box whereas righties drew the ‘good’ animal in the right box.

Experiment 2

They were told to do the same thing as in Experiment 1 except this time the boxes were stacked on top of each other.

Both righties and lefties drew ‘good’ animals in the top box and ‘bad’ animals in the bottom box.

Amazingly, when they asked participants what they thought the purpose of the research was, 99% of them had no idea.

Is this useful?

Perhaps marketing strategies or ballot cards could take these results into consideration. Clearly, people make subconscious choices based on handedness.

If your body favours the left side of the world, your brain will too.

Image Source – Barack Obama