Barack’s daughters are not asking for anything in particular this year, just plain old cash. Pretty smart girls, if you ask me.

Does money equate to a lazy, poorly-thought-out, last minute Christmas gift? Or is it simply the best kind because it allows the receiver to buy exactly what they want.

Both my sister and I always asked for cash as a child. My parents then took that money and put it in our “University fund” – for which I am entirely grateful, as I am completing my second degree debt-free.

Moreover, cash gifts not only prevent someone from being unsatisfied with your useless and boring gift, but it also saves you the trouble of going out and searching endlessly for something you think they will enjoy.

On the other hand, cash (and gift cards) can be seen as impersonal and thoughtless by some people. Nevertheless, why not try it out this Christmas? Do like the Obama girls and stuff that Christmas card with the finest form of paper.

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