A study published in the Christmas issue of the BMJ looked at doctors’ coffee consumption for one year at a hospital in Switzerland.

Doctors were stratified by medical specialty, position, and sex. Over 84% (644/766) of doctors purchased at least 1 coffee during the study. Café crème was consumed in the morning, whereas espresso was more popular after lunch.

Who bought the most coffee?

  1. Orthopaedic surgeons (189 coffees/year)
  2. Radiologists (177 coffees/year)
  3. General surgeons (167 coffees/year)

Anaesthetists were rarely seen drinking coffee (39 cups/year).

Coffee drinking was associated with hierarchy as senior doctors consumed significantly more coffees than juniors.

Male doctors also bought more coffees and drank nearly twice as many espressos in comparison to female doctors.

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