A study found that certain behaviour at age 12 predicts occupational success 40 years later.

Researchers investigated the influence of childhood intelligence, parental socioeconomic status and student characteristics (responsibility, sense of inferiority, rule breaking, impatience, defiance of parental authority, etc.) on occupational success and income.

What the found:

Occupational success was significantly predicted by responsibility (staying focused on the task at hand and pursuing through distraction) and teacher-rated studiousness among IQ and parental socioeconomic status.

Rule breaking and defiance of parental authority as a child predicted high income as an adult, maybe because these students grew into demanding and competitive professionals, hence may be more likely to stand up for their own interests and goals.

The findings in one sentence:

Student behaviours and characteristics at 12 years old better predict occupational success 40 years later than do childhood IQ and parental socioeconomic status.

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