Talk about a conflict of interest…

Of course, funds are crucial to advance scientific knowledge. Many high-earning companies dedicate money to help fund research including the soda company, Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola paid $550,000 to James Hill, the president of Global Energy Balance Network, an organization aimed at increasing anti-obesity efforts.

Fortune said that the company donated $1 million to help fund the startup of the organization.

Coca-Cola has been blamed for surging obesity rates – and rightfully so. But it’s partnership with a leading anti-obesity research group will attempt to weaken this argument.

The money paid for “honoraria, travel, education activities, and research on weight management”. Any research conducted will be tainted and scientists will be likely to report results that will harm the Coca-Cola brand.

If Coca-Cola, a multibillion dollar company, didn’t donate the money to fund this anti-obesity research group, who would?

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