Quebec is the world leader in maple syrup production and in 2011, the molecule “québécol” was discovered in Quebec’s maple syrup.

Québécol is a phenolic compound – like those found in blueberries and red wine. These molecules have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and thus, have been thought to play a role in the fight against cancer and arthritis.

The darker the syrup, the more phenols it contains, suggesting the higher amounts of “cancer-fighters“.

The caveat:

As of now, all of the research conducted has been in test tubes, so the actual effect of québécol in the human body is unknown.

Also, the research was conducted at Laval University in Quebec City and was funded by the province, meaning it’s possible for there to be a conflict of interest.

The takeaway:

Maple syrup is sugar. Yes, sugar. Sure it has some vitamins and minerals in there, but cancer fighting? Not yet, at least.

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