Water is a crucial part of our life and diet. But nutrition “experts” and celebrities are promoting a new take on the vital molecule: detox water.

Detox water is simply water infused with “superfoods” like cucumber, lemon, orange and mint. Promoters claim these ingredients are essential to remove toxins from the body, a task for which our livers and kidneys are apparently insufficient.

They also claim that the nutrients in these foods are somehow infused into the water, thus creating a healthy Vitaminwater that can even lead to weight loss. They say you can drink this detox water and absorb all of the beneficial vitamins and minerals without actually ingesting the calories.

Although this is a load of bull crap, drinking detox water and tea probably doesn’t have any harm, unless you’re doing some kind of idiotic detox or cleanse.

Staying hydrated is very important, but there is no evidence that drinking water infused with fruits, vegetables or herbs has any real benefit. But hey, if it gets people to drink more water, then go right ahead.

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