First of all, don’t feel too down. Only 8% of those who make resolutions actually succeed.

Troy Campbell, Marketing-Consumer Behavior researcher, wants you to make sleep your New Year’s resolution. Since most of us are sleep-deprived and sleep is essential for making good decisions, we’re already setting ourselves up for failure. Troy says that since resolutions are based on constant decision-making – Should I eat the whole wheat bagel or the low-fat muffin? Should I go to the gym today or can I wait until tomorrow? – being well-rested is crucial to avoid making the wrong one.

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The sleep-deprived are not only more distracted, more likely to get injured, but they are also less likely to act morally.

Troy’s colleague and sleep expert, Dr. Wagner, suggests making sleep a priority and refrain from overworking yourself expecting to eventually “catch-up” on sleep. He says that sleep loss can stick around and actually make your sleep the next night, and the next, even worse.

So, write it in your calendar, on your iPhone, program your FitBit, or simply tell your partner that you have a set bedtime.

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