Whenever I see a teen (or a tween for that matter) vaping, I can’t help but chuckle. At least when teens were smoking cigarettes 30 years ago, it made them seem cool, sophisticated and sexy.

But now, teen vaping? Like c’mon. Shouldn’t you be worrying about passing your math exam and getting into college? And where are your parents…

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Anyways, a recent study published in Tobacco Control found that adolescents who vape were more likely to take up cigarette smoking later on. Unfortunately, the health effects have not been elucidated and minors can legally purchase e-cigarettes.

Apparently there are some benefits: e-cigarettes may help smokers quit, or at least smoke less, but the reverse is also true.

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Keeping in mind that addiction is partly genetic, perhaps this can explain which teens will decide to light up and which won’t.

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Teens who vape are more likely to try cigarettes later on

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