If you’re going to a Super Bowl party this weekend, you’re basically asking to get sick. With all of those people in the middle of flu season, it’s not hard to inhale some germs.

Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence to back this up: having a local team in the Super Bowl increases the risk of dying from the flu. Albeit, researchers found an 18% increase in influenza deaths for those aged 65 years and up.

You can get the flu virus from someone coughing, sneezing and even talking just 2 metres away from you.

Each year, influenza racks up billions of dollars in hospital charges, doctors appointments, remedies and missed work and school time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend people wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face and get the flu shot.

Don’t believe those bozos, like this girl, who say they’ve been damaged by the vaccine only to be found weeks later looking healthy, yet mysteriously speaking in a foreign accent.

So at this year’s Super Bowl party have some hand sanitizer interspersed between the beer and nachos.

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