According to a recently released U.S. national poll, many Americans still don’t know very much about the Zika virus.

The most embarrassing finding: 1/3 Americans think you can catch Zika from a sneeze.

Let’s look specifically at respondents from households in which someone was pregnant or considering pregnancy:

  • 1/4 unaware of the association between the Zika virus and microcephaly
  • 1/5 think (wrongly) that there is a vaccine for the Zika virus
  • 2/5 don’t think that Zika can be sexually transmitted
  • 1/4 believe Zika-infected individuals are “very likely” to exhibit symptoms

Yet, I wonder how many people could summarize the newest Star Wars movie, or tell me what Kim Kardashian’s latest stunt was, or why they are or aren’t voting for Donald Trump in the next election.

It’s baffling how absorbed we are in pop culture, yet oblivious to the issues that really matter.

If you want to learn some basic facts about the Zika virus, read my previous post or for a comprehensive look at the disease, read this one from Stat News.

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