Breakfast is often quoted as the ‘most important meal of the day’, but is it really? There are skinny, healthy, fat, and unhealthy people who eat something as soon as they wake up. Will eating eggs and bacon, a green smoothie or a piece of toast in the morning lead to weight loss, insulin regulation and a faster metabolism?

Let’s examine the evidence.

  • A 2013 association study found men who skipped breakfast had a higher incidence of coronary heart disease than men who ate breakfast.
  • A 2014 randomized control trial found no difference in weight-loss between individuals who ate breakfast and those who didn’t.
  • A 2016 Japanese cohort study found that skipping breakfast was associated with all-cause mortality in both men and women.
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There is an association between skipping breakfast and obesity. And this link has been published and published and published and published. But the scientific evidence is distorted – it implies that skipping breakfast causes obesity, a no-no in association studies.

Perhaps it’s not skipping breakfast that causes obesity or coronary diseases, but some other factor. Maybe the people who don’t eat breakfast can’t afford to because of time or money or maybe people who skip breakfast eat most of their calories before bed and this is causing them to gain weight and die earlier.

Whatever the cause, breakfast is not a panacea. So I guess the take-away is if you’re hungry in the morning, eat. If not, don’t.

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