Evaluating health with science


Here are some of the certifications I have earned throughout my academic and professional career.

Certificate in University Teaching for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows (coming June 2016)

Canadian Nutrition Society 2016 Annual Conference (May 2016)

Demystifying Copyright: For Users and Creators (Jan 2016)

Blended Course Design (Jan 2016)

Classroom Management and Student Management and Student-Professor Interaction (Jan 2016)

Teaching Assistants’ Orientation (Jan 2016)

Writing for Online Courses (Dec 2015)

University of Ottawa Second Language Certificate for Bilingualism in French (Dec 2015)

Blackboard Learn Grade Centre (Nov 2015)

Certificate Enhancing Curriculum: Writing and Enhancing Undergraduate Program Learning Outcomes (Nov 2015)

Adobe Connect (Oct 2015)

Rehausser l’expérience d’enseignement et d’apprentissage (Oct 2015) *Translation: Using Student Feedback to Enhance the Teaching and Learning Experience.

Certificate Bring Your Own Device (Sep 2015)

Teaching Assistants’ Orientation (Sep 2015)

Thesis Writing Seminar for Graduate Students (Mar 2015)

Canadian Workplace (Feb 2015)

Basics of Networking for Graduate Students (Jan 2015)

Prevention de la violence (Sep 2014)

Sensibilisation des travailleurs a la sante et a la securite (Sep 2014)

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (Aug 2014)

Respect in the Workplace (Aug 2014)


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